Obligatory Introductory Post

Hello internet.

My name is Rebecca Simon.  I am from Los Angeles and I’m currently based in London, where I’m into my third year of a history PhD at King’s College London.  I research pirates.  Specifically, I research pirate executions, British law and print culture in the early modern Atlantic world.

I plan to use this platform to document my various ramblings of life as a third-year PhD student, life as an expat in London, some opinions on current popular culture and academic trends.  All opinions are my own.  Natch.

In the meantime you can find me on twitter: @beckalex.

Speak soon!

About Rebecca Simon

A California-girl based in London working on a PhD in early modern Atlantic history at King's College London: piracy, executions, British law. https://twitter.com/beckalex
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