Hello and welcome to my site!

I use this blog to write about historical film and the media along with observations and advice about postgraduate work. I’m a professor and full-time writer. I am available to write for you and to consult for television/film, books, exhibitions, etc. in any area of history for a fee. I have written for History Today and appeared on the BBC and Netflix’s Lost Pirate Kingdom to discuss pirates and their public executions. You can find more information about my research, publications, and media experience through the different tabs on this site.

I am a historian of early America and the Atlantic world with a PhD completed at King’s College London in 2017. My expertise is in legal history, piracy, state power, violence, print culture, and polite society. For more information about my academic work and interests, check out the “About” tab on this site.

About Dr. Rebecca Simon

Los Angeles-based historian who's expert in all things pirates and public executions. PhD, King's College London, 2017. https://twitter.com/beckalex
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2 Responses to Welcome!

  1. moshe kasher says:

    Hey I can’t find an email for ya. I’d love to invite you to be on my podcast. It’s a big one! How can I get in touch ?

  2. Ramiro valdez says:

    I love to hunt for rare antique items when I have the time. I like to discover its lost history. I find it exciting even if I come to a dead end. A dead end to me is like a stop that is waiting to be directed by lost history that one day maybe discovered. Which brings me to my current research of a made up story. My intuition of certain facts got my attention and when this happens I dive deep into history to define the truth behind the story. I am not skilled writer, but I write anyway. My research has been in defining the the unknown island that was first given the name of skeleton island and then a skilled writer changed the name to treasure island which was a great idea since no body ever discovers the true story behind the island. With today’s technology and history we can define the location, the story and the secret behind the so called treasure Island map. Since you like old treasure stories. I’m not only going to disclose the island, but I’m going to tell the story in my own version which I know is not all going to be true but very close to the truth. When I’m done I will let you see it.

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