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Los Angeles-based historian who's expert in all things pirates and public executions. PhD, King's College London, 2017.

Pre-Order My Book!

My book, Why We Love Pirates, is now available for pre-order, coming November 17! Here’s a link and the description. Why We Love Pirates: The Hunt for Captain Kidd and How He Changed Piracy Forever, Mango Books, forthcoming November 17, … Continue reading

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How to Teach Piracy to Middle Schoolers

I was lucky enough to teach the history of Atlantic piracy at my independent school. In fact, that’s actually why I was hired. The department chair thought the subject would be a great thing to bring to the middle school … Continue reading

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Could Pirates Read and/or Write?

It’s getting close to back to school time here so I thought I’d do an exploration on pirates and literacy. Several people have asked me over the years if pirates were literate. Written materials by pirates are so far between … Continue reading

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Anne Bonny and Mary Read: Pride Month Edition

In honor of Pride Month, it is time to celebrate the relationship between the two most famous female pirates, Anne Bonny and Mary Read. First, a caveat. There has been debate about whether same-sex relations occurred on pirate ships. This … Continue reading

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Advice: Starting a PhD in a Foreign Country

It’s over halfway through March and over the next several weeks American universities will start mailing out acceptances and offers into postgraduate programs. But what if you decide to move abroad for graduate school? I chose to do that and … Continue reading

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Who Were Pirates?

Over the past several months I’ve been taking a writing class about the novel at a local university. Naturally, I’m working on a project about piracy. Recently my chapter was workshopped and one of the comments I received was, “The … Continue reading

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Why Do People Like Pirates?

It’s time to revive this site so I thought I’d go back to the basics and discuss why people have liked pirates since the 18th century. Pirates in today’s popular culture mostly take on caricature forms as these exciting, swashbuckling … Continue reading

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How I transitioned from the PhD into secondary education.

A few months ago I announced on Twitter that I had accepted a full-time permanent position as a humanities teacher in West Los Angeles. I know there are many PhD students and ECRs out there who might be contemplating a … Continue reading

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Why I Decided To Leave Academia

I’ve seen some blog posts floating around Twitter explaining the perils of academia and/or why someone has chosen to go alt-ac. I’m also one of the PhDs who decided to forgo the traditional academic route and go into secondary school … Continue reading

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My review of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Last night I saw the latest installment of the Disney franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. I won’t go into huge details about the plot but beware of spoilers below.

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